Facebook Consultant

Brian Carter is one of the leading experts on getting business results and profits from Facebook marketing.

Brian is co-author of the bestselling book Facebook Marketing, and author of the forthcoming book, The Like Economy. He also has authored an ebook called How To Get More Fans On Facebook. Brian cofounded FanReach.net, the #1 Online Facebook Business Training Course in 2010. His free FBM101.com course in 2011 taught more than 6,000 students.

Brian’s focus is on getting you results. If you need help getting big-time interaction with your fans and followers AND you want bottom-line results, he’s the consultant for you.

Best Practices and Bottom-Line Results

Brian, his clients and his students get results. Here are some examples:

  • Facebook marketing for E-commerce: Brian’s students and clients have achieved from 300 to 6500% ROI
    • PointofviewCameras.ca achieved a 1.83% e-commerce conversion rate from Facebook traffic
    • Rosehall Kennels achieved a 6500% ROI within three weeks from Facebook fan traffic
    • BaseballRose.com achieved a 4.35% e-commerce conversion rate from Facebook fan traffic and a 473% ROI
    • Vamplets.com gets a 300% e-commerce ROI from Facebook ad traffic
    • Read more about these here.
  • Grew 5,500 fans in two months for a Vacation Rental company at $0.25 cost per fan
  • Grew 26,000 fans in four months for a pet-related e-commerce website at $0.18 per fan
  • Part of three F1000 efforts to grow 100,000+ fan bases, at cost per fan from $0.38 – $1.05 each
  • Regularly achieves more than 1.0% feedback rate on Facebook posts for numerous businesses

What Are Your Facebook Business Goals?

Brian can help your business at any level of Facebook business, including:

  • Social Media Strategy and Integration of Facebook with other marketing efforts
  • Pages, Groups, and Profiles
  • Advertising, traffic, and fan acquisition
  • Fan page marketing and fan interaction
  • Lead generation
  • Profit optimization

Brian has been an Internet marketing strategy consultant for 12 years, and also provides SEO audits and AdWords services. His perspective is not one-dimensional, so you’ll get recommendations that focus on increasing your company’s success, not on the latest fads.

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